Saturday, December 27, 2008

Trampolines and things

We managed to get the trampoline set up yesterday. It started out warm . . . I even took my jacket off . . . but by the time we were finished building the beast, it was really cold and snowflakes began to fall.

Yeah, it took SEVERAL hours and it was horrible! Hubby and I are both very sore today. I think we're too old (or maybe out of shape) for this stuff. Still, the sun is shining today and while it is still cold outside, the kids are bugging me this morning to allow them to go jump on the new trampoline.

See, now this is what makes it worth it. I told them they couldn't jump until they cleaned up the house a bit. :D Oh, they are flying through the house like you wouldn't believe. YAY! I think I may have a clean house for the rest of vacation at this rate. Hopefully the desire to jump continues and they don't get bored with it.

In other news, if everything goes well, my first Toy Fox Terrier, Jewel, will have puppies in February. She only  had two puppies for her first litter and this will be her second so we'll see how many she has this time.

Writing wise, I haven't accomplished anything this week. I'm hoping to get to a critique (and finish it) today after I take down the Christmas decorations and replace the doggy door (it's broken and won't stay closed so our house was REALLY cold last night). So I've got to head into town soon if I plan to accomplish anything at all. But first I think I'll eat something and maybe have a shower. ;-)

Write on.


Angela said...

OH, I so want a trampoline. Can I come to your house and play?

(Yes, I'll help clean first!!!)

Hope your recovering from your workout and finding time to write.

Angela (from the bb)

just Joan said...

Angela, you can definitely come clean my house . . . I mean come play. ;-)

I managed to get a bit of a crit done as I sat out in the cold and watched the kids jump. But then my fingers got cold and I couldn't write anymore so I gave up and tried to keep warm instead. I haven't even had a chance to jump on the trampoline yet . . . it's too cold and my kids are CRAZY! I finally made them get off the trampoline and come inside so I could warm up!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Bish Denham said...

Years ago (probably on Wide World of Sports) there was the occasional trampoline competition. There'd always be those holding-my-breath-moments when somebody would appear to be taking a head dive and at the very last second (heck nano-second) do somekind of fantastic back-flip or forward summersault and land on their feet.

Jump long and prosper!