Saturday, August 21, 2010

Resistance is Futile . . . or is it?

When I got the mail today, I had a package waiting for me from ChubbyChicoCharms. I’d ordered some charms for making bookmarks (a special order of some letters and some wolf themed). Now I’m trying to resist the temptation to make bookmarks because I really need to be writing.

On the other hand, the kids are home and keep bugging me so I can’t really concentrate on writing . . . maybe I ought to give up and make bookmarks.

But I really need to get some more writing done (though I did accomplish a bit this morning).

Here’s where I stand:

Anyway, I’m not sure what the day will bring. I’ll probably do more writing because I feel guilty and also because I’m at a great scene that should be easy to write.

But if I get stumped . . . then the bookmark making supplies might come out. =)

Edited to Add: Those of you who know me well, realize I'm a competetive person. Well, Kimberly over on The Reinvention of Me decided to set a goal of getting 5,000 words this weekend. Not to be outdone, I decided I'm going to try for 5,000 words this weekend as well.

Plus, it's a good compromise. If I get 5,000 words, then I can reward myself by using the new charms to make bookmarks for my Etsy shop! Ewww . . . flashback to high school Math and the whole "if . . . then" problems I hated. *shiver* Anyway, I'm off to . . .

Write on!

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Kimberly said...

Yes! Write! Then reward yourself! We can do it!!