Tuesday, April 11, 2006

You must see this!

Okay, while enjoying a chat board today (yes, I know, I should have been writing), I came across a post that took me to eBay to view the latest and greatest, most technically advanced "must have" item on the market. You can find it here. You really must check it out. Bid on it, have it for your own! What could be better or more important to our everyday existence than this marvelous item?

Seriously though, I didn't get much writing done (although I did delete a few commas from my novel) unless you count all the posting I did on Verla's board and this blog (personally, I plan to count them both). Maybe I can settle down and work on my novel later tonight . . . no wait, I can't, it's American Idol night. Yes, I am a fan though this season isn't as exciting as past ones, IMO. So maybe after AI is over . . . no wait, then it's time for Scrubs . . . okay, after Scrubs, I will work on my novel (even if it's only to delete one more comma). :-)


Lizzy said...

That hat. Oh, dear lord.

I need one.

just Joan said...

Yep, the things people sell on eBay!