Thursday, June 10, 2010

Still Counting

I’m glad to be back after all the stress and emotions of the last few weeks. The death of my grandmother ended up hitting me harder than I thought it would, but now that the funeral is over, I have some closure and am ready to get back to writing. Today is the first day I’ve done any writing since my last update, and it took a while to get back in to the swing of things. I’ve opened the word document several times, but just couldn’t bring myself to write.

I did a lot of talking with family and watched a lot of television (mostly “Charmed” DVDs that my sister loaned to me . . . I’d never watched the series before). The last few days I spent talking to my sister about the book we’re co-writing. We had some pretty good brainstorming sessions and after we tied up a few loose ends yesterday, I felt ready to get back to my own work. But when I opened Word yesterday, I didn’t feel so inspired. I watched more “Charmed” instead. *sigh*

However, today when I opened my document in Word, I forced myself to do something. I didn’t feel inspired to write at first, but instead of closing the file and setting my computer aside, I went back to the beginning of the novel and began some editing. After about an hour of that, I was back. I scrolled to where I left off and set to work.

I think I’m done for the day, but plan to take it up again tomorrow!

I’ll try to catch up on blogs over the next couple of days to see what you guys have been up to (be patient with me as I’m WAY behind). How’s the writing coming along for you all?

Write on.

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