Monday, May 10, 2010


I know I posted a link to Maggie’s amazing Linger trailer in my last blog post, but I’m imbedding it here to make it easier to view (I hope):


Seriously, it is cool stuff!

Now onto other lingering things. I’ve had lingering doubts about going back to school in the fall. Part of me really wants to, but another part of me wants to spend more time on my writing. At this point, I’m not sure what to do. My intention was to go back 1/2 time in the fall, but I had so much fun in the ceramics classes that I really want to take them again. If I do, that would put me at full time (ceramics is two different days and 3 credit hours per day), but I’d only be getting credit for 1/2 time (because I don’t see them giving me credit for the ceramics classes again).

I may have to break down and not take the ceramics classes. This makes me sad. I’ve had more fun doing ceramics than anything I’ve done in a long time. It made me happy and I realized I kind of need the creative outlet. I’m not saying writing isn’t a creative outlet, it is, but the written word on the page isn’t the same thing as holding one of these in my hands (these are some of my final pieces from the class):

P5030405 P5030407

P5030413 P5030421P5030418 P5030416 

 P5100463 P5100464 P5100467 P5100456



Those of you who know me well, know I do a bit of sketching (not professional by any means), so I suppose I could go back to sketching to satisfy the artist in me. But something in me is drawn to ceramics process. I’m fascinated with molding a hunk of clay into a bowl (as you can tell, I like bowls LOL), a vase, a plate, a whatever! Then after it dries, it’s fun to put it in the kiln for firing and hoping it doesn’t crack. When it comes out of the kiln, there’s the fun of glazing it. I really enjoy experimenting with the glazes. After it’s glazed, there’s anticipation of wondering how it will come out after it’s re-fired. Will the colors work? Will it crack? Will I like it?

And the really fun thing is that all these pieces are usable! They’re dishwasher and microwave safe (there’s no lead in the glazes)!

I use the big bowls (grapes, butterfly, flowers) for salad bowls. I haven’t used the smaller bowls (the first two pictures . . . I did them on the pottery wheel, and I’m not a master potter yet). They’re kind of too small to do anything with (hey, it was my first few times on the wheel). I’m not sure I like the coloring of the vase. I want to make a new one and paint the glaze on instead of dipping it in one color (can’t you just see it with yellow flowers on a blue background?). I also want to make more pasta plates (the big square thing with the grapes) because I have another version with 3D grapes (I’ll get the 3D grape plate back on May 14th because he had to re-fire it).

I was also thinking of trying my hand at making some mugs. I do have left-over clay and the instructor said I could make things over the summer and bring them back in the fall for firing and everything, but I’d have to be signed up for the class.

*sigh* Oh the lingering agony of having to make a decision. =(

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll figure it out. For the time being, I guess I better get of the internet and get busy on finishing up my research paper and studying for my English 102 final (tomorrow night) and my Cultural Diversity in Education final (Wednesday night). Hopefully, I’ll still have some time today to do some work on rewriting one of my WIPs.

Write on.

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