Sunday, May 23, 2010

Update on stuff

Thank you to all my wonderful friends for the words of comfort and support. I can’t tell you how much your thoughts and feelings moved and comforted me.

Grandma is still hanging on. As I said, she’s stubborn. Maybe I get my perseverance from her. ;-)

Since she’s not eating or drinking, they doubt she’ll last long. She’s still in the assisted living facility since that’s the way she wanted it. My aunt is staying with her constantly, and the uncles and my mom have been to see her.

After my good cry yesterday, I went to Snowflake to visit with my mother. Talking with her really helped me be more at peace with everything. Though I could have visited Grandma yesterday, I decided not to. It was hard enough to see her at her 90th birthday party in October because she didn’t know who any of us were. I’m comfortable with this decision and will remember her like she was; the grandma from before the Alzheimer’s.

I went to a special church meeting today and am even further comforted. I know family is forever and I’ll get to see Grandma again someday . . . and she’ll remember me then.

After the meeting, I felt like writing again, so I’ve been doing it. I’ll post my progress later. This post is just to update you and say thank you to everyone for their love and support.

Friends are the best and I’m glad I have so many who care. =)

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