Thursday, May 06, 2010

‘Tis the season

Not to be jolly ‘cause Christmas is too far away, people. No, ‘tis the allergy season I’m talking about. I hear the wetter than normal winter had something to do with making all the allergy inducing things grow more abundantly this year. Whatever the reason, I’m dying! Not literally, of course. I don’t think I can die from watery eyes, runny/stuffy nose, and sneezing . . . unless I banged my head when I sneezed or the watery eyes blind my vision and make me wreck . . . okay, I guess I could die, but I doubt I will. =)

I don’t like the symptoms though. I’m going to have to look into some kind of medication, I suppose. I usually depend on Sudafed when I get a cold, but I’m not sure how it will work for allergies. Anyone out there have any good over-the-counter allergy med recommendations? It can’t be anything super powerful though cause I react strangely to medication. The non-drowsy Sudafed even knocks me out (I’m strange, I know).

The really fun part about all this is I’m a chaperone for D2’s field trip today (leaving in two hours). Guess what we’re doing?

Walking to the Forest Ranger Station . . . and then going into the forest. *sigh* I’m packing a box of tissues. I’m also taking a hat to protect me from the sun, but I’m not sure my stuffy head will fit inside it. Maybe I ought to take one of hubby’s hats . . . his head is bigger than mine. ;-)

Luckily, it will only be a 2 1/2 hour field trip (we’re walking from the school to the station and back . . . about 1/2 a mile round trip).

In writing news, after I’m done posting this, I’ll spend a bit of time getting started on a rewrite of a manuscript. My goal for May is to get at least half of it rewritten.

We’ll see if I can reach the goal what with all the last minute field trips, volunteer celebrations, school volunteering, allergies, and my own schooling to finish up (next Wednesday is my last class YAY!!!).  Why do they try to cram a whole bunch of stuff into the end of the year?

Anyway, will you be suffering with allergies and doing last minute school stuff like me or do you have better plans for your month of May?


Write on.

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